Bruins of South Bay awards scholarships every year. Meet our 2022 Scholarship winners.

Karina Ramirez

Karina’s grandparents came to California to work on the railroad. Karina, who was born in Inglewood, was accepted at Berkeley but wanted the same culture and community others in her family had experienced as Bruins.

As a child, Karina was speech delayed: she didn’t speak until she was 5, and stuttered. After many years of speech therapy, she got involved with public speaking and now proudly advocates for others who have speech and other learning issues.

Karina says she’s an optimist. She loves the Dodgers and will be rooting for the Bruins while attending men’s basketball, men’s baseball and women’s gymnastics events. She is an athlete and ran cross country.

For fun, Karina watches TV movies with her sister. She enjoys many genres, including “corny rom-coms” and Marvel movies. She likes things with happy endings.

Karina is passionate about social justice. After school, she plans to take part in local government but doesn’t see herself running for elective office. Transportation issues interest her. She wants to give back to her Community.

Ashley Choi

Ashley, who comes from Boston, went to Berkeley College of Music in Massachussets. Though she is passionate about music and knows it will always be a part of her life, she wanted a broader education. Ashley is a musician, singer and song writer who likes all kinds of music, especially alternative music.

As a nineteen-year old, Ashley was the Assistant Manager of a Poke restaurant and ran a local pop-up. She loves what she does and what she studies.

Ashley traveled to Costa Rica and Spain as part of a City choral group. She plays both piano and guitar and is driven to stay involved with music. She plans to take a song writing class each semester and will get involved with other musicians.

When I called UCLA the best university in the country, Ashley corrected me. She said UCLA was the best in the world!

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